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Pay it Forward: The Interview

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

One of the best things about publishing my book has been getting to email or chat with authors who have been some of my favorites: Piper Kerman (Orange is the New Black), Kelly Corrigan (The Middle Place, Glitter and Glue), Pam Houston (Cowboys are My Weakness), and now Catherine Ryan Hyde, who wrote the bestseller that they turned into a movie–Pay it Forward. Think of it: Her book inspired a movement of sorts, kind of Karma reinvented. I think it’s because of her that your apt to be waiting in line at a drive-thru for your Starbucks and find out that the person in front of you just bought your latte. So, cheers to that. I met Catherine years ago at the Santa Barbara Writers’ Conference. She was teaching a master’s course on character development. In fact, I used what I learned in her class to help describe Wink and Sparrow in Chapter 10 of Teaching the Cat to Sit. A few days ago, Catherine interviewed me. I shouldn’t have been surprised that her questions were tough, insightful, and also a reflection of her. You can read the interview here. I’m hopeful my book does well and that one day I’ll have the chance to pay it forward too.

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