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Art From Hate Mail

Seems like Pastor (and I use the term loosely) Kevin Swanson is trying to step up to be the new Rev. Fred Phelps. He spoke out about the Honey-maid “wholesome” graham cracker ad which depicted a same-sex couple with their child. Swanson compared being gay to murder, bestiality, and cannibalism. A few differences I might point out, without even diving into theology: Gay people are consenting adults who love each other and are capable of making rational decisions. They aren’t hurting anyone, least of all Kevin Swanson or One Million Moms (who said Nabisco should be “ashamed” for attempting to normalize sin). If Kevin Swanson and the One Million Moms want to believe that being gay is a sin, then they should certainly fight any urges they might have in that regard. For my part, I’m happy to let God judge me, but refuse to let anyone else. Love, that’s what fights hate. Every time. And Nabisco’s Honeymaid seems to understand that fully. In fact, I’d like to see S’more. Check out their response:

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